Grinding Discs & Cutoff Wheels

  • Trugrit K/S Depressed Centre Grinding Discs
  • Trugrit K/S Raised Hub Cutoff Wheels
  • Trugrit K/S Straight Cutoff Wheels
  • Trugrit E/A Extra-Cut
  • Trugrit K/S Zirconia Fibre Discs
  • Trugrit K/S Abrasive Mop Discs
  • Trugrit K/S Roloc Disc Abrasives

Sheets & Rolls

  • Trugrit K/S Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Disc / Stickit Roll
  • Trugrit K/S Flapwheels
  • Trugrit K/S High Quality Shop Rolls
  • Trugrit K/S Portable Belts / Made to order belts
  • Trugrit K/S Coated Sheets
  • Trugrit K/S Gritcloth
  • Trugrit K/S Abrasive Block / Non-woven Hand Pads

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