About Us

Mattic Industries Ltd. is now part of Lawson Products, Inc.

Lawson Products has over 65 years of experience as a distributor of industrial maintenance and repair products in North America. In addition to offering a wide range of products, Lawson provides on-site inventory management services, technical support and training to customers with the goal of enhancing their daily operations.

As Mattic Industries integrates with Lawson Products, our top priority is to continue providing you with the products you use and service you trust. To learn more, contact your sales representative or our office at (604) 575-9663.

Visit us at Lawson Products or read the press release.


Head Office Surrey, BC
Toll Free: (888) 594-7500
Phone: (604) 575-9663
Fax: (604) 575-0993
Branch Office Calgary, AB
Toll Free: (800) 563-1717
Phone: (905) 567-1717
Fax: (800) 387-9551
For general inquiries E-mail: info@mattic.ca | For sales inquiries E-mail: sales@mattic.ca